DataHub Roles and Permissions

How Roles Work in DataHub

Every user in DataHub has a role, and a user’s role determines what actions they are authorized to perform. A user’s role is specific to an Organization (Org) and Site. For example, one could have the role of Site User for Org A, and Org Admin for Org B. The roles in DataHub are very simple and are explained below.

Admin vs User Roles

In general, a “user” role means the user can only manage things they create, such as analytics. However, an admin can manage all analytics, and even update an analytic created by someone else. Administrators can also manage DataHub configurations such as integrations.

Site vs Org Roles

In general, a “site” role applies to a single site. For example, a Site Admin only gives a user admin rights to a specific site. However, an Org Admin has admin rights for all sites in the organization.


Permissions Matrix

The table below shows the permissions and access each user has.



Site User

Org User

Site Admin

Org Admin


View My Sites

View All Sites

Create Sites

Manage My Sites

(e.g. Update CRS)

Manage All Sites

(e.g. Update CRS)


View Datasets

Create New Datasets


View Analytics

Create Analytics

Manage My Analytics

(e.g. Update or Delete)

Manage All Analytics

(e.g. Update or Delete)

Design Files

View Design Files

Upload Design Files

Manage My Design Files

(e.g. Delete)

Manage All Design Files

(e.g. Delete)


Invite Users

Manage Integrations

Enable Share Links

Set role to Site User

Set role to Site Admin

Set role to Org User

Set role to Org Admin



Setting User Roles

To set User Roles in DataHub, open the Site card and navigate to the "User accounts and roles".



Find the user and tap the three dots on the right to access your list of actions. Assign or revoke a user role and access at will. 

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