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DataHub creates 3D models of your sites based on the point clouds generated by our photogrammetry engine.  Thousands to millions of points are interpolated to create a high-resolution reconstruction of your captured area.  The outputs are then made available for DataHub tools that can help you analyze your data further.

In this article, we will explain how to use the annotation tool in DataHub to help you visualize your data better.


How to use the Annotations Analytic

You may access the Analytics section of DataHub either through the quick menu in the lower right corner (Blue + Button)  or by clicking on the add button beside the Analytics menu in the left sidebar (Create New Analytic - Annotation):




1.  Start by naming your Annotation analytic.  We recommend to use a unique name so that you can find it easily in the annotations list once done.

2.  The bottom drawer will appear.  Here you can select which type of annotation you would like to place on your outputs.




When you click an item in the toolbar, a new row is created in the bottom drawer for that annotation item.

Click the toolbar for each item you want to add, each time you want to add one. Then click the map to draw.


3.  Edit the color and rename your annotations.  You may also select a specific icon for Pins--options include Crane, Danger, and Electric point, among others.  See examples of various annotations below:






4.  Click Done.  Your new annotations will be automatically saved and will be accessible in the Analytics card from the left sidebar


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