Import and Display Design Files

Import Design Files  

  1. Click the More button mceclip2.png next to the Design files card to expose the list modal. The import box will appear where you can drag and drop your files or browse your computer.mceclip0.png

  2. Select one at a time, but you can queue up as many as you’d like, and the app will handle the queue automatically.

  3. While uploading, the app will show the % progress of the upload to Skycatch cloud. The files will be processed into a displayable format.

  4. Once the file has completed processing, the file will be listed in the left panel, where it can be selected for display in the 3D map panel. mceclip3.pngmceclip4.png

  5. download the original file BY clicking the three dots menu and selecting download. You are also able to delete uploaded design files using the same menu. 

Design Files

  1. Click the Design Files card in the left panel to expand it to see the available design files for that site. Listed from newest (top) to oldest (bottom).mceclip5.png

  2. Check the box next to a design file name to display the design in the 3D map panel.

  1. Click the More button at the top right of the Design files card to expose the list modal which will also display the list of files and more options.

  2. In the list modal, click the design file you would like to display.

  3. The list modal will close and the app will display the chosen design file, in the 3D map panel.


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