Point Picking Analytic

Point Picking Analytic

DataHub creates 3D models of your sites based on the point clouds generated by our photogrammetry engine.  Thousands to millions of points are interpolated to create a high-resolution reconstruction of your captured area.  The outputs are then made available for DataHub tools that can help you analyze your data further.

In this article we will explain how to use the point picking tool in DataHub to gather valuable data of specific points in your outputs.


How to use the Point Picking Analytic

You may access the Analytics section of DataHub either through the quick menu in the lower right corner (Blue + Button) or by clicking on the add button beside Analytics menu in the left sidebar (Create New Analytic - Point Picking):





1.  You can upload a geometrics file that contains the coordinates of the points you would like to select.  This will automatically generate the points and the information about them in the bottom drawer of DataHub.

To download a geometrics file from an old analytic, open the analytic and click on the menu options inside the analytic drawer. Choose between downloading a .csv or .geojson file.


On the other hand, you can also start from scratch by first naming your analytic.  In the example below, we are starting from scratch:




2.  DataHub will display an instruction banner at the top of the 3D map panel. Follow the instructions and start picking points in the map to place markers. You can add up to 50 points per analytic. Once they are placed, you may move them by dragging the markers, or selecting the three-dot button besides the coordinates in the bottom drawer and typing X and Y coordinate values to fine-tune the marking.





4.  When done, click Done to save your progress.  Each point selected will have a Point Number, Point Name, and XYZ coordinates.

5.  The newly-created analytic will be displayed in the list in the left panel. Click the row to select it and display the information about each point in the bottom drawer. Toggle the eye icon to the right of each analytic in order to turn the display on and off.




Editing the Point Picking Analytics

  • To edit the points (move, delete, or add more), click the Add/Edit button at the top right of the bottom drawer to enter edit mode.




  • To rename or delete the analytic, click Done, then click the three dots button to the right of the Edit button.
  • To download the calculation results in a CSV file, click the three dots button to the right of the Edit button and choose Download.



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