Create a New Dataset from Pre-Processed Files (PPF Workflow)

A new dataset can be created using the pre-processed files such as point clouds, terrain, and orthophotos generated in other software. They can be uploaded to DataHub and used for viewing and calculating measurements.

The following file types are accepted in DataHub: 

  1. Point Cloud (.las, .txt, .xyz)
  2. Digital Surface Model (DSM) (.tif)
  3. Digital Terrain Model (DTM) (.tif) 
  4. Orthophoto (.tif)

Note: If there are no RGB values in the point cloud, the processing upload will most likely fail.

Each of the uploaded files will be tiled for use in DataHub. If a DSM and/or DTM is not included in the upload, they will be generated from the point cloud, automatically. 


Note: An orthophoto cannot be generated from a point cloud. DataHub will only use satellite imagery as texture, overlaid on the top of any elevation data uploaded. 

Here is the combination of uploads and the results that will be available in DataHub:



1. Open the datasets modal, additional options button on the right of the date card of your site.



2. Click Create a New Dataset from Pre-Processed Files



3. Use the browse button, or drag and drop the files of your dataset


Observation: If your point cloud is in .txt format or in .xyz please remove any header and leave only the values, the format order should be the following:



Projector7-HQ 2023-08-07 at 7.13.22 p.m..jpg

Each one stands for: 
X= Easting or Longitude for WGS84
Y=Northing or Latitude for WGS84
R =Red value integer between 0-255

G=Green value integer between 0-255

B=Blue value integer between 0-255


If there are no RGB values, the processing upload will most likely fail.


4. Select the coordinate system of the files you uploaded (this is not necessarily the coordinate system of the site). The supported options are UTM, WGS84, or the local coordinate system of the site.
*** Important:  Uploaded files must be all in the same coordinate system.


5. Set the date and time of the dataset. The date and time will serve as a handy tool to identify and navigate your dataset.

6. Point clouds from Laser Scans are also supported in DataHub. When uploading laser scans, select Yes and if the point cloud uploaded is not a laser scan, select No.


7. Click Start Upload. The upload will start and the modal will change to the datasets list and display the upload progress.

8. Once the upload is complete, the processing status will be displayed.

9. When processing is complete, the dataset can be loaded for viewing and analysis. 


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