Create a New Dataset from Pre-Processed Files


Create a new dataset by uploading point clouds, terrain, and orthophotos generated in other software, and use them for viewing and measurement in DataHub.


You can import the following types of files

  1. Point Cloud (.las, .txt)
  2. Digital Surface Model (DSM) (.tif)
  3. Digital Terrain Model (DTM) (.tif) (this is a DSM with objects removed)
  4. Orthophoto (.tif)


Each of these will be tiled for use in the app. If the upload contains a point cloud but not a DTM or DSM, the point cloud will be converted to fill in for the missing DSM or DTM, or both.


Note: an orthophoto cannot be generated from a point cloud.



  1. Open the datasets modal, additional options button on the right of the date card of your site. mceclip0.png
  2. Click Create a New Dataset from Pre-Processed Filesmceclip1.png
  3. Use the browse button, or drag and drop the files of your datasetmceclip4.png
  1. Select the coordinate system of the files you added (this is not necessarily the coordinate system of the site). The supported options are UTM, WGS84, or the local coordinate system of the site. *** Important: The files must be all in the same coordinate system.mceclip5.png
  2. Set the date and time of the dataset. This is used for navigating to it in the dataset list.
  3. Click Start Upload. The upload will start and the modal will change to the datasets list and display the upload progress.
  4. Once the upload is complete, the processing status is displayed.
  5. When processing is complete, the dataset can be loaded for viewing and analysis.
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