Navigating the File Manager

The File Manager

DataHub's File manager is a feature that allows user access to the files uploaded for processing, processing outputs and file exports while also working as a shared storage space for users within the same organization to manage or download anytime.


1. To access File manager, open the Sites card and select to view file manager



2.  The File manager has four folders at the top level:


  • Exports - The exports folder contains additional files that can be generated within DataHub such as contour lines.
  • Processing inputs - This folder contains the files that were uploaded for processing. The following subfolders may be available depending on the files uploaded. 
    • Exif
    • Metadata
    • Photos
  • Processing Outputs - This folder contains the outputs of DataHub's processing workflows. The orthophoto, dsms, dtms, 3D mesh, tiles and pointcloud can be downloaded from this folder. 
  • Site Documents - This folder serves as storage for all the users within a site. Files in this folder are accessible across all datasets. You can upload any file type (such as .doc, .xls, .pdf, .jpeg, .mov, etc; max file size is 5GB). You can also rename, download, and delete from this folder.


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