Using Custom Base Map

Custom Base Map

The Custom Base Map is a DataHub functionality that helps users compare and reference datasets within their analyses.  In DataHub, users can customize their base maps through two methods: either by utilizing available datasets or by uploading their own base maps. Uploaded base maps can be assigned to a site or organization level. This enables users to create customized visualizations that best suit their analytical requirements and preferences.

This article detailed steps on how to use the custom base map.

How to use a Dataset as a base map?

1. Click the options button on the desired dataset to be used as a base map. Set as Custom Basemap.


2. The viewer will disable the background satellite imagery.

3. Once the base map has been set, you can select any other dataset to display on top of it.

4. On the map options (3 dots button) you can adjust the opacity of the base map.

5. To go back to the default view, click on Base Map.

6. Select the desired option and hit submit.


How to upload an orthophoto as a base map?

1. To upload a new base map, click on the add button beside the Basemaps section.

2. A window containing the lists of uploaded base maps will open and click on "Upload New."

3. Drag and Drop your orthophoto. Input your desired basemap name, its date and time, and the coordinate reference system (CRS) of the file. Your base map may be in UTM, WGS84, or the CRS assigned to the site. Please note that the user's input should match the file's CRS.

You can upload your base map and share it within the Site or the whole Organization.

4. Wait for it to process and once done, it will be available in the Basemaps drawer. Locate the uploaded base map and click on the eye button to make it visible.

5. The viewer will disable the satellite imagery. You can now select the datasets to display on top of the selected base map.

To adjust opacity and revert the view to satellite imagery, users can follow Steps 4-6 of using a Dataset as a base map.


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