FAQ: What To Do If My Overlay Uploads fail?

DataHub supports uploading and visualizing overlays onto uploaded datasets. There are instances, however, that the overlay uploads might fail. While rare, our team has identified possible reasons and workarounds to resolve the failure on the customer's end. 


Solution 1: Downsample your overlay or upload smaller-sized overlays


DataHub has a memory capacity limit for uploading overlays. To avoid failure, it is recommended to upload lighter overlay files.

You may downsize your images using available downsampling apps online.


Solution 2: Split overlays into several files


Customers can upload multiple overlay files into DataHub. If downsizing is not available or fit for your requirements, you may opt to split your dataset into several files. There are also online resources available for splitting an image into grids/ parts.


Note: DataHub supports PNG and JPG overlays.

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