FAQ: How do I convert a .LAZ to a .LAS file?

.LAZ to .LAS Conversion

A point cloud is a large collection of points that represent the 3D surface of the area captured by a drone. Point clouds contain the most reliable 3D data possible, but this can also result in large files which is why they are sometimes compressed for easier transfer of files.  If you've found a point cloud with a .LAZ file format, this is not a typographical error!

A .LAZ file is a compressed .LAS file without the risk of data loss.  Most point cloud viewers have the capability to open point clouds in this compressed format.  However, if you or your customers prefer to point cloud data in .LAS files, you can easily use an application, such as CloudCompare, to convert your files in a few quick steps.

1.  Open your .LAZ file in CloudCompare (or a similar application)

2.  Click on the file name in the left-hand pane of the screen.  Make sure that the desired point cloud is the one highlighted



3.  Click on the floppy disk icon in the taskbar to save your file and choose the "LAS Cloud" file format



4.  This will open a Save dialogue.  Select "LAS file" format and make sure to change the file extension to .LAS



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