FAQ: Why Is My DataHub Output Unavailable? (Unavailable Message Next to Layers)

There are expected scenarios where the message "Unavailable" can be found next to certain imagery/ imageries.

Scenario 1.   The mission is still processing in DataHub. The processing status will then be updated once it finishes. This is true for both DataHub photogrammetry and pre-processed file workflows. 




Scenario 2.  For the pre-processed files workflow, it is expected for DataHub to display "Unavailable" for "Raw Photos" since the upload does not contain any photos/ images for processing. The available layers will depend on the processing inputs.



Scenario 3. The processing has been completed in all steps - marked by an email notification from Skycatch to your account that your data is now available, however, the label "Unavailable" is still showing up.


How to fix this?

  • Try to open a second browser or do so in incognito mode to confirm if the new browser does not show the "Unavailable" label.
    • If the new browser does not display "unavailable" that means that the original browser cache is causing the display to not refresh.
    • Fixing this is as simple as clearing up the cache so the "unavailable" label disappears after refreshing the page (for Chrome, you can do so by checking this link ).


If the aforementioned workaround does not work, Please contact us at



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