FAQ: How to find the base position coordinates of a dataset processed in DataHub?

What is a base station?

A base station in RTK/PPK drone surveying is a GPS receiver placed on a fixed position of the ground that serves a reference point for drone, the roving receiver, to calculate their own positions. The correction data is also broadcasted by the base stations which helps reduce the errors in measurements of positions done by the drone. Consistency is a key in accurate mapping which can also be provided by using a single base station. It is important to keep record of the base position coordinates.

When uploading PPK dataset in DataHub, users are asked to input the base position coordinates and they are stored the base.ant file that can be downloaded by the end-users.

How to download base.ant?

1. Go to File Manager, on the left sidebar of DataHub. Open the Processing Inputs. All files uploaded/provided the customer are stored here.



2. In the rinex folder, you will be able to find the base.ant file. Click on it and a Download button will appear in upper right corner of the button. 




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