2D and 3D View Persistency in DataHub

2D and 3D View Persistence


The Skycatch team is committed to enhancing our users' experience. As such, we have implemented a change in how DataHub displays its outputs. Previously, upon logging into DataHub, the site outputs are automatically displayed in 3D. Users who prefer to work using the 2D view would have to switch to this view every time they log in. 

Now you only have to do this once and DataHub will remember your preference so the next time you log in, you will no longer have to switch back and forth. 

To do this, just click on the three dots icon shown below, and a menu will appear.


Find and click the Switch to 2D button (Switch to 3D if you were previously in 2D). DataHub will now be configured to remember your choice in your current and following sessions.






In 2D view, Only the orthoimage and the Overlays will be available. If you wish to use the analytics and see the other outputs, please switch to 3D. 

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