Inventory Management Report

Inventory Management Report

  • Inventory Report can be generated in Datahub. This allows the user to create reports on the stockpiles for easy management and documentation
  • This article explains how to access the Inventory Report feature in DataHub.

Steps for Generating an Inventory Report

1. Log in to your DataHub account and navigate to the site and dataset you're interested in.

2. Go to the "Reports" Section under the Analytics of the sidebar and click on the mceclip0.png button.


3. You will be directed to the report list available. Right now, the only available is the Material Inventory which enables you to create and run stockpile inventory reports based on materials and their densities. More options will be available soon!


Material Inventory

1. Select the Material Inventory from the list.



2.  Input the desired name for your report.


3. The report will be available in the list of reports but it will be empty for now since the polygons are not yet created and no materials are assigned to them.

4. The "Site Materials" section will contain all the materials that you have on-site. There are two options to add the materials and their densities:

  • adding them manually, one by one; 
  • importing a CSV file containing the list of materials and their densities

You will have the ability to edit or delete the materials.




5. Once the material list is completed. Click on the report that you created and "Add Material Volume." For each volume created, assign the material and select the base surface to be used. Available options are Interpolated base plane and, Reference level base plane. Continue the process once all volumes for the inventory report are created. 


6. Start creating polygons for each of the volumes. Remember to click on "Save" for every polygon you created. Repeat the process until all desired polygons are created.


7. To start volume calculations, click on "Run Report." The creation of the report will commence and will take a few seconds to complete. You can also toggle the option to remove the objects from calculations if needed. 


8. The report will be available for download by clicking the three dots beside the Report Complete button, which will show up once the report generation is completed.


The Reports History will also be available. This will list all the reports that ran on the dataset.





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