Generating, Exporting and Downloading Contour Lines

Contour lines can be generated in DataHub, and downloaded for local use. 

Export DXF contour files directly from DataHub

1. Click on the Download Data Button at the lower right portion of the DataHub screen and select the Contour Lines button to display the Download Contour Lines dialog.

Note: Contour Lines cannot be downloaded in some cases. This can happen for datasets that were uploaded as Pre-Processed Files without elevation data.



2. Specify the line spacing of the contour lines for export:

  • Within the Contour Lines dialog you will be able to edit the following details:
    • Major Line spacing
    • Minor Line spacing
  • Once your spacing parameters are all set, select the  Download button to start your DXF contour file generation and export

Note: This procedure might take some time depending on the size of the area and the line spacing selected.

  •    mceclip1.png
  • Skycatch_DataHub_2023-01-02_at_5.15.10_p.m..png

3. Find your newly exported Contour Lines

  • Shortly after clicking on the Download button, the newly generated contour lines file will be available for download in the File Manager under the Exports section.
  • Select the contour lines of choice and click Download. 



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