Reviewing the Quality Reports

Review the Quality Reports

This article describes how to access the quality reports of your outputs in DataHub.


What are Quality Reports?

Quality Reports are documents that provide more information about the users' uploads and the outputs generated in DataHub.  They show details such as photo count, drone model, individual control point accuracy, and many more.  Each dataset will have its own quality report; the report can be exported as a PDF File from the file manager in DataHub.




How to access the Quality Reports?

1.  Log in to your DataHub account and navigate to the site you where your dataset was uploaded

2.  Under the Date menu, select the dataset you would like to review




3.  Once selected, open the site menu dropdown then select File Manager




4.  In the File Manager, open the Processing outputs directory.




5.  The directory will contain a file named "quality-report", in PDF format.  Export this file to view the quality report of the specific dataset selected.



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