Setting up your DataHub Account

In most cases, you will be invited to form part of an organization. A role will be assigned to you and you will be invited to a specific site or multiple sites. Normally the Organization admins will select your role and which sites you can access.

Here are the the steps to be done once your admin has sent the invite:

1. The first step would be to go to your email inbox and look for your invitation email (check also in the spam and unwanted section if you don't find it).



2. Click on the Click here to access link in the email, this will redirect you the Skycatch DataHub Login/Signup page.

3. It is very important to Sign-Up first if you have never created an account for DataHub before, otherwise you will not be able to Log-in.


4. Input your email and the desired password. Verify that you have entered the correct email and use a password you won't forget.


5. Input your Name and Last name for your DataHub Organization. Click Start Now.

6. You have now finished setting up your account. Please go through the digital walkthrough to get started.


To access DataHub once you have signed up you can use the following link:




You can reset the password have forgotten it using the "Forgot your password?" button.


This can only be done after having signed up.




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