Edge1 Release Notes v.6.2.0 (August 31, 2022)

Version list

  • Edge1: v6.2.0
    • Sky3D-Runtime: 2.6.0
      •  Projector: 6.4.0
      •  Surveyor: 2.9.1
      •  Reprojector: 3.0.1

RTK Drones and Remote Controls Supported

(35mm lens)
(24mm lens)
Drone FW v03.00.0101 v02.02.0607 v02.02.0505
Drone FW v03.01.0000 v02.02.0607 v02.02.0505


What's New!

● Carib97 Geoid
● Improvements to the Localization workflow
● Performance Improvements
● Bug Fixes


Caribbean Geoid CARIB97

Our customers in the Caribbean can now benefit from the availability of the CARIB97 gravimetric geoid height model that can be found on the dropdown menu of the coordinate system for your datasets.


Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Significant performance improvements
  • Improvements on the localization creation flow
  • Fixed a bug affecting in rare occasions the reprojection of 3D meshes
  • Resolved minor UI bugs
  • And more!


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