DataHub Release Version 1.42.0 (June 30, 2022)


SAML Authentication Standard Integration

  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) as an authentication method on DataHub utilizing Microsoft Azure Active Directory Single Sign On (SSO) 

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Minor improvements in the UI
    Fixed a bug affecting rare occasions P4RTK datasets processed with PPK
    Fixed a bug affecting how Share Links could not be displayed correctly


SAML Integration

What it is:

Our main feature with this release is the support of the SAML authentication standard for logging into DataHub based on enterprise credentials, in this particular case through the Microsoft Active Directory SSO

What are the main benefits?

Having a standardized authentication method for login into DataHub will have the following benefits:

  • Microsoft Active Directory - Enables the use of AD as a sign-on functionality
  • Ease of use - No need to manage multiple accounts for access
  • Increased Security - No need to exchange user credentials with DataHub, the validation is done only by the Identity Provider (IdP)


Everything is ready on the Skycatch Backend to start configuring Enterprise connections through SAML that utilizes Microsoft Azure Active Directory SSO however, a configuration process needs to be coordinated with Skycatch to ensure proper functioning.

If you would like to have access to the feature, please, contact our sales team at


Additional Notes and Known Limitations:

  • This new update to our DataHub platform will not have any difference in the regular login workflow. Only valid accounts that have been whitelisted to be part of the SAML authentication process will be redirected to the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sign-in page.
  • Support is exclusive for DataHub currently
  • Other applications, Like Flight1, will be supported in separate releases in the future.
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