Flight1 Release Notes Version 5.2.1 (June 14, 2022)

Version List

Software Versions

  • Flight1 v5.2.1
  • Recommended iOS 12.0 or later

Supported Languages

  • English, Japanese and Chinese (simplified)

Drone Compatibility


What's New?

  • Algorithm Performance Improvements
  • Fixed:
    • issue with KML Import mission creation 
    • issue with Terrain Following / Highwall Scanning Polygon outside the DSM area
  • We fixed a bug affecting the KML import

    In some cases, using a KML to create a mission, could lead the Flight1 app to stop responding if the waypoint count was higher than 100 waypoints. 

    Now, with our recent improvements, Flight1 can handle 2,500 waypoints, which are usually more than enough for the vast majority of the missions.


Highwall Scanning Mission with 2,683 waypoints 

(Altitude variation)

  • Bug fix that affects Terrain Following and Highwall Scanning
    • We fixed an issue of Flight1 not responding if a polygon was dragged and dropped outside the Terrain Data (DSM) used to plan a Terrain Following or Highwall Scanning mission.

Known Issues

For missions with more than 2,500 waypoints, Flight1 might experience a slow response while updating the flight route and polygon. However, in cases like this, our recommendation is to split the mission into smaller chunks as much as possible for better data handling throughout the entire process (Capture, Processing, and output consumption).

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