Edge1 Release Notes v.6.1.0 (June 7, 2022)

Version List

  • Edge1: v6.1.0 (updated)
    • Sky3D-Runtime: 2.6.0 (updated)

      • Projector: 6.4.0 (updated)

      • Surveyor: 2.9.1

      • Reprojector: 3.0.1

  • RTK Drones and Remote Controls Supported



What's new?



  • Ability to export the base antenna file

  • Dewarp data validation for P4RTK

  • Bug fixes and improvements

Base Antenna File Export

When exporting any base log from your Edge1 unit, an additional file, called base.ant will be included. This will contain the accurate position used for the RTK / PPK Session.

The base.ant file will be helpful when processing your datasets on DataHub, where the process of adding the base position is simplified by including the base.ant file with your





Dewarp Validation

Dewarp information, which is part of the calibration process is critical for optimal 3D reconstruction during the Photogrammetry stage whether on the Edge1 or DataHub.

If you are flying with the Flight1 App, you’re all set! No need to worry about it. However, when using DJI Apps, like GS Pro or DJI Pilot, you must ensure the “Distortion Correction” or “Dewarping” are turned off prior to flying.




Bug fixes and Improvements!

  • Improvements on the Edge1 internal clock to prevent it from getting out of sync

  • Fixed an issue where dates were not correctly displayed

  • Improvements in the Localization workflows

  • Fixed an issue when DSM and DTM are not exported after applying a vertical offset

  • Fixed an issue with the dropdown menu after importing a localization

  • And more!


RTK Drones and Flight1

Please click on the link below to download the step-by-step guide for using Flight1 with the DJI M300RTK, P4RTK, and M210RTK V2 drones.

Quickstart Guide


Update Directly from the Edge1

If you are on Edge1 v5.6.0 or higher, a notification banner will be displayed on the application that will automatically start the update. Before starting the update consider the following:

  • The update will take around 15 minutes to complete.

  • To prevent the Edge1 from running out of power, keep the unit connected to the electric current throughout the whole update process.

  • The Edge1 unit needs to be connected to the internet via ethernet cable throughout the complete update process.

  • The iPad device needs to remain unblocked with the Edge1 application in the foreground throughout the complete update process.




Get This Update for v5.2.0 or below

To get this update for Edge1 v5.2.0 or below, please reach out to the Sales Engineer assigned to your account or send an email to to schedule a session for updating to this version.


Note: If you are on Edge1 v4.2.2 or lower, please be sure to offload all previous datasets stored on the device to an SD card or USB drive. Datasets will not be accessible on the app after the update. 

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