Flight1 Release Notes Version 5.2.0 (April 28, 2022)



Flight1 v5.2.0

Recommended iOS 12.0 or later

Drone Compatibility (Version supported)

Firmware Versions:

Explore1 - v1.2.1

Phantom 4 - v02.00.0700

Phantom 4 Pro - v02.02.0503

Phantom 4 Pro RTK - v02.02.0608

M210RTK - v01.00.0710

M300RTK - v03.00.01.01


Available in English, Japanese and Chinese (simplified)


What's new!

  • PPK support for P4RTK
  • Improvements in photo metadata
  • Performance Improvements and bug fixes


PPK Support for P4RTK

Now all of your datasets collected with a P4RTK drone will always generate and contain all the necessary files, called “Rover Logs”, to be used for PPK processing if needed. 

The files contained per mission folder have the following naming conventions:

  • EVENTLOG.bin
  • PPKRAW.bin
  • Rinex.obs
  • Timestamp.MRK


P4RTK dataset collected with Flight1 containing the Rover Files


These files can be used for PPK processing on DataHub or the Edge1 if a matching Base Log covering the entire duration of the flight is also provided. 

Please, make sure that your drone is up to date with the latest Firmware version before updating Flight1!


Improvements in Photo Metadata

We are adding more information to the photo metadata so we can reflect more accurate information regarding the Missions themselves when processing on DataHub and/or the Edge1. 

This information is automatically generated and does not affect the data collection process.


Bug Fixes

  • Performance improvements for missions with +400 waypoints
  • Fixed an issue when displaying M210 video feed under specific conditions
  • Fixed a rare issue of P1 camera preview not displayed after resuming a mission
  • Fixed an issue of the scale bar not showing correct units


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