DataHub Release Version 1.37.0 (March 24, 2022)


  • Import Image Overlays into DataHub
  • Creation and access to Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) URL for DataHub data sets


Import Image Overlays into DataHub

  • Description
    • Users now have the option to import images into DataHub and view them as overlays to their datasets.
      • Supported image formats are the following:

        • .png 

        • .pdf

        • .tif

        • .tiff.

        • .jpg

    • User Flow

      • There is a new left-hand menu called Overlays.mceclip0.png

      • Click on the Add Button mceclip11.png for Overlays
      • Drag the desired image into the import modalmceclip2.png
      • Images will begin uploadingmceclip3.png
      • When the update has been completed, the user will be notified.mceclip4.png
      • The user can click on the uploaded image in the modal, allowing for adjusting the size and orientation of the image in DataHub.mceclip5.png
      • Utilize the image handles to Resize, Rotate and Move the image to the required position within DataHubmceclip6.png
      • Once the image is in the desired position, click Submitmceclip7.png
      • When the image has finished processing, it will be available in the left-hand menu after expanding Overlaysmceclip2.png
      • Clicking on the image will display the image overlay on the current data setmceclip10.png
      • Users can adjust the opacity of the overlay by clicking on the settings mceclip11.png icon next to the image in Overlaysmceclip1.png

Creation and access to Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) URL for DataHub data sets

  • Description
    • There is a new integration available to allow users access to ESRI Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) endpoint URL
    • Users can copy the URL and utilize any software that supports WMTS to view the associated DataHub data set
  • User Flow
    • Click on the Site name in the left-hand menu and select Integrationsmceclip12.png
    • Under the Orthophoto WMTS Layer URL, select the desired data set. Doing so will display the URL. Clicking the Copy button will copy the URL allowing the user to paste it into their desired utility for the viewing of WMTS data.mceclip13.png
    • Please note that in order to use this feature, your organization will need to contact Skycatch support for its activation. You will see the following message if the feature has not been turned on for your organization.mceclip14.png

Detect Fixes

  • Fixed issue where .DXF imports were getting stalled at 100%



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