DataHub Release Version 1.35.0 (Feb 25, 2022)



  • Export DXF contour files directly from DataHub

    • Click on the Download Data shortcut of your DataHub site and select the Contour Lines button to display the Download Contour Lines dialog.mceclip0.png
    • Fine-tune your DXF contour file export
      • Within the Contour Lines dialog you will be able to edit the following details:
        • Major Line spacing
        • Minor Line spacing
      • Once your details are all set, select the Process & Download button to start your DXF contour file export.mceclip1.png
    • Find your newly exported Contour Lines
      • Shortly after clicking on the Download button, the newly generated contour lines file will be available for download at the File Manager under the Exports section.mceclip2.pngmceclip3.png
  • Create new DataHub Analytics by importing CSV files

    • Click on the Add button on the Analytics Section.mceclip4.png
    • Select your desired analytic. Points, Lines and Polygons are supported.mceclip5.png
    • Drag and drop your CSV file into the upload box.mceclip6.png
    • Adjust the shape as necessary and click on Done.mceclip7.png
  • Processing compatibility for Wingtra and Trinity VTOL drones

    • DataHub can now process datasets captured with Wingtra and Trinity VTOL drones (using the Sony RX1R II Camera).
    • For this new support you should follow the same workflow as with any other compatible drone. 
    • Drag and drop the previously geotagged dataset folder to the Uploader screen in DataHub, customize the processing settings, and start the upload for processing!

Detect Fixes

  • Users with shared links could see more datasets than intended with the link.

  • The case where DSM is not visible for shared links.

  • Occasionally, when measuring a very long line, the distance calculation fails.




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