Supported Geoids in Edge1 Processing

Geoids are a surface that defines a zero elevation since the Earth is not a perfect sphere. Including a geoid when processing drone data can help improve the accuracy of your results. Edge1 currently supports the following geoids for processing.

  • AUSGeoid09
  • AUSGeoid2020
  • AUSGeoid98
  • CGG2013
  • DVR90
  • EGM08
  • EGM96
  • FCSVR10
  • GEOID12B
  • GSD95
  • GSIGEO2011
  • HBG03
  • HBG18
  • HT20
  • ILUM1.2
  • OSGM02
  • OSGM15
  • PGM2014
  • RAC09
  • RAF09
  • SGEOID09

If there is a geoid that you are interested in using for Edge1 processing that is not on the above list, please contact your Skycatch Sales Engineer for more information.


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