Uploading Phantom 4 RTK Datasets for Processing into DataHub

Steps to Upload:

1. Click the blue plus mceclip2.png in the bottom right of the map panel, select Create New Dataset, then select Upload New Datasetmceclip0.pngmceclip4.png

2. Drag and drop the mission folder which contains all flights from the mission

Note: Phantom 4 RTK stores each flight in its own folder on the SD card, this is different from Skycatch Explore 1 which groups each flight into a parent mission folder. Don’t forget to include all the flight folders from your mission.

3. If the photos were generated by an RTK mission, you can select RTK from the Processing Type dropdown in the High Accuracy box. Or, if the photos were generated by a successful PPK mission, you can select PPK from the Processing Type dropdown in the High Accuracy box.


3. If you chose RTK, just click Next to access the GCP and upload screen.

4. If you chose PPK, choose a base station, add drone and base station logs, and enter the base station position, then proceed with validating your PPK inputs.

5. After marking GCPs and Checkpoints (optional), you can initiate the upload and monitor progress.

Note: Skycatch DataHub supports the processing of photos from DJI Phantom 4 RTK, however, the Skycatch Viewer does not. If you do not have a subscription to DataHub, please contact to get more information.


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