FAQ: How To Use The Edge1 Vertical Offset tool?

Applying the Vertical Offset

There are two methods available for applying a vertical offset:

1. Automatically from the results screen on the accuracy check
2. Manually from the processing details screen

Automatic Application of Vertical Offset

After running an accuracy check, an offset will be calculated from the checkpoints uploaded.  You will be given the option to apply this offset to the outputs generated from the processing.

The suggested offset from the Accuracy Check can be automatically applied by simply tapping “Apply Suggested Offset” from the results screen on the Accuracy Check.

Ex. offset calculated was none or 0 so no need to apply the adjusted offset

Manual Application of Vertical Offset

The vertical offset tool can also be opened at any time from the processing details screen. To apply an offset manually, the user can enter the amount they would like to shift the point cloud. The units will match the units of the point cloud.

  • A positive value (e.g. 5 ft) will move the point cloud up from its current position.
  • A negative value (e.g. -5 ft) will move the point cloud down from its current position.


The screen will display the current offset along with the final offset from the original (no offset applied) when the entered offset is applied.

The user can always revert back to the original by applying the negated value of the current offset. Negating the offset will set the final offset to 0. 

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