Edge1 Data Outputs

The Skycatch Edge1 is a powerful data processing unit that can generate the following outputs:

Point Cloud (LAS)

A set of points in displayed in 3 dimensions and can be used to measure and model terrain, material, or surfaces.


Orthophoto (TIFF)

High-resolution 2D maps, with distortions corrected, for visual referencing, coordinating site logistics, and as-built documentation.


3D Mesh (OBJ)

A representation of an object or surface in 3D or a photorealistic model that has stunning surface detail and texture. 



Digital Terrain Model (Pointcloud with Objects Removed)

A point cloud with objects and vegetation is automatically removed for easy terrain analysis.



Point Cloud Density

  • Very High: 8.8 cm 
  • High: 12.5 cm
  • Medium: 25 cm
  • Low: 50 cm


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