Localization Troubleshooting and Notes

In Case of Error

If the EPSG and Geoid options are displayed in the processing window even though the SD card with your localization file is inserted, this means the localization file was not detected. Please double check that your localization file meets all of the following conditions:

  • At least 4 pairs of coordinates defined in both WGS84 and your local coordinate system
  • Latitude and longitude has least 8 decimal places
  • Altitude has at least 3 decimal places
  • Unit of measure in m, us-ft, or ft stated next to alt, n,e, and z in the header
  • Localization file is on the main page of the SD card, not in a folder.

Additional Notes on Localization

You will need to have your SD card with your localization file on it inserted into your Edge1 every time you want to have your data projected to the same local coordinate system.

  • You will need to replace the CSV file (delete the old file and load a new one) on the SD card to reproject to a different coordinate system.
  • There is no association between a dataset and its localization. As long as the CSV file is detected on the SD card, the localization will be applied regardless of the selected dataset for processing.
  • To reprocess object removal on data capture, ensure that the SD card is still inserted into Edge1 before reprocessing. If SD is not inserted, your outputs will not be in your local coordinate system.

Known Issues

  • Opening a CSV export in spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets may truncate some digits.
  • If you select an EPSG Code, you cannot deselect it unless you close the processing window and then open it again.
  • A negative longitude in DMS(DD) with 3 numbers before the point will return as an error. North America, Japan, Australia, and Europe should not be affected by this.
  • Some localized orthophotos may not be able to be opened in some software programs.
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