Export DJI Drone Logs from your Explore1 Unit

There are some occasions where Skycatch may need the DJI logs from your Explore1 unit in order to troubleshoot any odd or unexplained behavior that you may be seeing. If you need to export your DJI logs, please follow the below steps to use your DJI Go app to retrieve these logs.

  1. Connect and power on your drone, RC, and mobile device.
  2. Open DJI Go
  3. Go to Camera mode and tap the camera, it should say “connected” in the top left hand corner of your screen
  4. Tap the three dots on top right side
  5. Tap the drone icon, scroll all the way down, and hit advanced settings
  6. Scroll all the way down and “Enter flight data mode”
  7. Hit “Ok”
  8. Go back to your Windows machine and connect the drone using a USB to mini cable. The port on the drone is located above the large LED light.
  9. The Explore1 should show as external storage mounted into the computer
  10. Retrieve DJI flight logs .dat files. The time stamps may be incorrect, so you may want to pull a bunch of files from around that day
  11. Copy to local disc and upload to box (or any other preferred cloud sharing method)
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