Validation on PPK data uploads

We’ve added a step to validate your PPK precision files during the upload process so you can always be sure you’re uploading the right precision files for PPK processing.

This new process will verify your precision files and notify you if there is an issue with the precision files added to the upload. This process takes around 1 to 3 minutes and you will be notified if the validation was successful or if there was an error with one of the files in your upload. If you receive an error, please verify that all the criteria are met and retry the upload.

GNSS Logs (Explore1 PPK Files)

GNSS logs (Explore1 PPK files) must meet the following criteria:

✓ The file must not be empty

✓ File extension must be in .ubx or .sbp format

✓ GNSS logs must start before the first photo is taken and end after the last photo. The Explore1 drone software takes care of ensuring this happens automatically, but we will still verify it in the uploader

See this article to learn where you can find the PPK files.


If any of the above criteria are not met when uploading data for processing, you will see the error message below. If this happens, close the window and return to the upload flow. Note that all precision files you previously added will be removed. Please re-confirm the precision files meet the above criteria and retry the validation process again.


If the error continues to persist, please:

  1. Double check the extension and format of the files
  2. Re-do flight mission
  3. Contact Skycatch Support at
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