Explore1 Drone Setup Basics

The basic setup of the Explore1 is very simple, and can be completed with the two procedures below.

1. Assemble and prepare the Explore1 Drone

Assemble the Explore1 by following the Explore1 Quickstart Guide that comes in your HPP kit. You can also access an electronic PDF version at

Please note that you should not detach the protective shell from the drone.

2. Calibrate the Explore1 Drone's Compass

  1. Open the pre-installed DJI GO app on the iPad.
  2. Follow the instructions on page 56 of the DJI Matrice 100 User Manual to calibrate the Explore1 drone’s compass. You can find the instructions in DJI’s user manual at You do not need to calibrate your drone every time before you fly, but it is helpful to occasionally calibrate your drone for maintenance.
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