Flight1 App Detailed Walkthrough: Basic Features

This section details the key basic features of the Flight1 app:

  1. Create a New Mission
  2. Rename a Mission
  3. Adjust Altitude
  4. Adjust Flight Direction
  5. Adjust Overlap
  6. Modify Flight Path
  7. Additional Settings

To get started using our basic features, swipe up on the white mission drawer in the bottom left of your screen to customize your mission.


1. Create a New Mission

Tap the  Create New Mission Here button to create a new mission.

After you have created a mission, the following pattern and statistics will be displayed.

Here is the breakdown of the different statistics after you have created a mission:

 The estimated total distance your drone flies during the mission.

The estimated amount of time it will take to fly the mission (minutes: seconds).

 The estimated surface area covered by the flight area polygon.

 The number of waypoints for the mission.

 The estimated number of batteries required to fly the mission.

 The estimated number of photos taken by the Skycatch camera during the mission.

NOTE: The Drone and camera should automatically be recognized by the Flight1 app when you connect the tablet to the remote controller (RC) and have the RC and drone powered on. Confirm this connection by quickly checking that Explore1 is listed as the drone and Skycatch is listed as the camera. You can do this by swiping the mission drawer up, and confirming these details like in the red box of the screenshot below.

2. Rename a Mission

 This is the default name of a new mission. Tap the blue New Mission text to customize the mission name, site name, and location of your mission. After tapping the button, the following popup is displayed. Once you enter your desired information, tap OK to save it.


3. Adjust Altitude

The default altitude is 50 meters / 195 feet. In the mission drawer, tap to change the altitude. The associated resolution of outputs generated for each altitude is displayed to the right of the altitude figure, based on the selected camera. Flight operators are responsible for selecting an altitude that is safely above all objects in the flight area. Note that you will not be allowed to fly a mission at an altitude above 350 feet.

4. Adjust Flight Direction

The default direction of the primary legs of flight is North/South or a heading of 180. In the mission drawer, tap to change the direction. Common reasons for changing direction include: aligning with terrain or obstacles, adjusting for the optimal length of flight, or start and endpoint location adjustment.

5. Adjust Overlap

The recommended default overlap is 75% front overlap and 60% side overlap. In the mission drawer, you can increase the overlap by clicking the + and - buttons to the left and right of each overlap setting. More overlap provides more references for the processing pipeline to stitch images together, but also increases the flight time for a given size area and increases processing time due to adding additional photos.

6. Modify Flight Path

You can modify your flight path by tapping, holding, and dragging the blue circles with a + sign to new locations. You can also modify your flight path by tapping, holding, and dragging the blue circles.

7. Additional Settings and Information

You can also click on the Settings icon (Settings_icon.png) to further customize your mission and access more details regarding your Flight1 app. After you’ve modified your Settings, you can navigate back to the Missions page by clicking on Missions.


  1. You can choose a metric system or imperial system by toggling the button next to “Use metric system”. When it is toggled to blue, you’ve switched from the imperial system to the metric system.
  2. You can enable or disable hints by toggling the button next to “Hints enabled.” When it is toggled to blue, hints are enabled.
  3. You can check your Flight1 App Version
  4. Get extra help by choosing one of the following options:  
    1. Read Support Documentation -  Tap Check out support docs to read tutorials and watch videos in our Support Center.
    2. Messaging support - Tap Talk with a Skycatch member if your question can’t be answered through our Support Center. NOTE: For the fastest response, we suggest typing some keywords for your issue into the Support Center to search for appropriate documentation that may help.
    3. If you are flying in China, you can toggle the button to enable specific missions and settings necessary for flying there.


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