FAQ: HPP Hardware

FAQ: HPP Hardware


Q: How often do Explore1 and Edge1 firmware updates happen, and how am I informed about these updates?

A: New Explore1 and Edge1 firmware releases happen as frequently as they need to. You will be notified about these releases via email and the Flight1 mobile application. You can follow the release note instructions to update to the newest firmware.

Q: What hardware do I get with my HPP System?

A: Here is the hardware included in your HPP system:

Q: How do I get replacement parts for lost or damaged parts of the HPP system?

A: Please contact us at to get the assistance you need.

Q: Can I replace parts of the Explore1 drone myself?

A: No, please do not recommend replacing parts of the Explore1 drone without assistance from Skycatch, except for batteries, propellers, and landing gear feet. If it seems like the Explore1 drone may not be working correctly, you can check out our HPP System Troubleshooting guide, or contact us at so we can help diagnose the issue.

Q: Can I use base stations other than the Edge1 with the Explore1 Drone?

A: Yes. You can use Topcon, Trimble R10, and Leica as base stations for the Explore1 Drone. You will be able to use them with cloud processing but not Edge1 processing. However, we highly recommend using the whole HPP system together for the best and most precise results. Additional support material on using the Topcon, Trimble, and Leica base stations will soon be added, but here is a start: “Using a Local RTK Base Station with EVO3x or Explore1”.

Q: How much does the Skycatch HPP System Package cost?

A: Contact to get full details on our pricing. Note that the Flight1 mobile application can be used whether or not you have an HPP lease.

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