FAQ: Capturing Data

FAQ: Capturing Data

Q: How do I access the cellular data plan that comes with my HPP System?

A: Your cellular data plan is attached to the SIM card that we provide in your iPad. If you wish, you can insert your own SIM card data plan into the iPad by popping open the socket with a paperclip or bobby pin.

Q: Can I use the Edge1 Base Station for any drone?

A: No, the Edge1 Base Station is only compatible with the Explore1 drone.

Q: How do I update my Flight1 app on my mobile device?

A: You will be notified by email, or push notifications (if you allow them), when a new Flight1 app update is available. You can download new updates through the iOS App Store app on your mobile device.

Q: Can I use the Flight1 App on an Android device?

A: Flight1 is made for iOS today, but an Android version of Flight1 may be developed in the future.

Q: What is the lowest mapping altitude of the Explore1 drone?

A: The Explore1 drone can map as low as 20m, but we recommend 40m as the lowest safe altitude. 

Q: What is the coverage per battery per GSD?

A: At 1cm GSD one battery can cover approximately 30 acres, and at 1.5cm GSD one battery can cover at least 45 acres.

Q: What is the microSD card type and format?

A: SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card

Bus: UHS-I

Speed: Class 10

Format: FAT 32

Size: 32 GB

Q: Do I need to reformat my SD card before every flight?

A: No! When we send you your HPP kit, the SD card comes in the proper FAT 32 format. If you need to reformat it for some reason, you can follow the instructions in our Support Center, “How to Format Your SD Card for Explore1”. Once your SD card is correctly formatted, you don’t need to reformat it.

Q: Can I use any microSD card in the Explore1 drone?

A: You can use any 32GB microSD card in the Explore1 drone as long as it is in FAT 32 format. We provide you with a preformatted microSD card, but if you need to reformat your card, you can follow the instructions in our Support Center, “How to Format Your SD Card for Explore1”. This microSD should only be inserted into the slot at the back of the drone.

Q: Can I capture oblique photos with the Explore1 drone?

A: While capturing oblique photos is part of the Explore1 solution, this functionality is not fully supported, until it graduates from our beta period; we are currently in the last stages of validating an improvement for seamless integration with the Explore1 drone. Our Explore1 drone will support all DJI gimbal cameras for oblique imagery. Be sure to insert another SD card into the DJI gimbal camera that you attach to drone. The SD card does not have to be in FAT 32 like the Skycatch camera’s microSD card.

Q: Do you support GNSS data if it doesn’t come from Edge1?
A: Yes! While we recommend using the Edge1 that comes with your HPP system, we can support GNSS data from the NTRIP logger, as well as the Topcon, Trimble, and Leica base stations. You can learn more about setting up and using the NTRIP logger in our support center: “Using the NTRIP Logger for Network RTK Logging for Corrections.” Additional support material on using the Topcon, Trimble, and Leica base stations will soon be added, but here is a start: “Using a Local RTK Base Station with EVO3x or Explore1”.

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