FAQ: Planning A Mission

FAQ: Planning A Mission

Q: Is the Flight1 app only compatible with the Explore1 drone?

A: Today, yes it only works with Skycatch Explore1. However we will be adding support for DJI drones in the very near future!

Q: Can I reuse a flight path from a previous mission?

A: You can reuse flight paths from previous missions by tapping on a saved mission from your mission list, and reflying the mission.

Q: How do I change the gimbal camera pitch and yaw on the Explore1 drone?

A: Please view the support article in our Support Center, titled “Change Camera Pitch and Yaw Control on Explore1”. 

Q: Can I fly over surfaces that aren’t solid? (E.g. water, etc.)

A: It is advisable to avoid flying over water because it is difficult to get reference points for images from fluid surfaces. This may result in poor stitching during photogrammetry. If your project requires flying over some bodies of water interspersed with a more solid surface, please remove all the images with only water before uploading. This will increase the potential for success and decrease your processing time significantly.

Q: What if my mission route requires several flights to complete?

A: Flight1 is designed to perform multi-flight collections, and will also automatically bring the drone home when the battery hits 25%. Once you have replaced the battery, tap Resume Mission and the drone will take off and continue the mission where it last left off. We recommend flying back-to-back flights for the mission to accurately capture the project area. However, if you need to spread out the mission across multiple days, you can read our support article in the Support Center, “Data Capture Guidelines for Producing Great Maps”, to reduce any errors from lighting. Try to fly at the same time every day.

Q: When is the best time to fly a mission?

A: In general, your flights should be well after dawn and well before dusk (usually between 9:30am and 4pm). Avoid flying around high noon as direct sunlight over a project site may cause excessive glare that can obstruct the view of certain project areas. See our support article in the Support Center, “Tips For Creating Maps And Safe Flights”.

Q: What is the difference between checkpoints and ground control points?

A: Checkpoints are a type of control point used for checking accuracy of a dataset, and are not used for adjusting accuracy. Ground control points are used for adjusting accuracy during the data processing step. We have more information regarding this in our support center here that may be helpful.

Q: Are there alternatives to control points that I can use?

A: While we highly recommend planning your mission in advance so that you can use control points, there is an alternative to control points you can use if you need them on the day of your mission. Stationary markers on the ground are needed so that they can be used to tie sections together from several flights.   

Q: Will my mission names in Flight1 copy over to my SD card folders for images?

A: Yes, they will copy over! You can make your mission names in Flight1 as detailed and specific as you’d like, to help you more easily organize your missions’ data during the upload and processing steps.  

Q: How do I delete waypoints from a mission plan in Flight1?

A: Currently we don’t offer the capability of deleting individual waypoints from a mission plan, but it will be added soon. However, you can modify your mission plan, or re-create it, in order to get the grid plan you need for your desired mission area.  

Q: Can I use the Skycatch Flight1 app even if my 30 day trial ends?

A: Yes! The Skycatch Flight1 app is free to use for as long and as many times as you'd like. Your 30 day trial is for processing your drone photos into 2D maps and 3D models with Skycatch at 

Q: Do I need an account in order to use the Flight1 app?

A: No, you can get started and perform five missions without logging in. But we highly recommend creating an account and logging into the app so you can more easily upload your missions/images, and manage them. Note that the Flight1 app is always free to use, whether your not you have an account in

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