Calibrating your Remote Controller (Explore1)

If you're experiencing a constant beeping noise from your remote controller (RC) in addition to a status message in the DJI Go app that your RC is not calibrated, you may need to calibrate your RC

Follow the below steps to perform and complete calibration of your RC:

1. Turn on your RC and connect to your mobile device
2. Open up the DJI Go app and access the settings by tapping on the three dots located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
3. Tap the RC icon, which is the second icon from the top

4. Tap "Remote controller settings"


5. Tap "Remote controller calibration"

6. Tap "Calibrate," "OK" on the warning pop up, and then "Start"

7. Follow the instructions displayed which will ask you to move both RC sticks in all directions and the slider wheel on the left front of the RC to the left and right

8. The "Finish" button will appear when calibration has been achieved

9. Tap "Finish" to complete calibration

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