Flight History Walkthrough

Flights page contains all flight histories uploaded from all Flight1x missions, from SkyFleet Mobile, and all flights uploaded to the web dashboard directly.



Clicking on each listed Flight enables the user to see information about the Flight such as Pilot, Drone information and, Telemetry details.

The users are given helpful information such as the Take-Off Time, Landing Time, Flight Air Time, and Flight Distance. Battery metrics from Take-Off to Landing are also recorded.



Further down the page, Maximum Speed and Flight Altitude values are also recorded as well as the Maximum Distance flown. The GPS Quality and Average Satellite count are also recorded as pulled from the flight.



Clicking on the Pre-Flight Checklist and Post-Flight Checklist opens a view of the recorded answers the Pilot selected Pre- and Post-Flight.

Pre-Flight Checklist



Post-Flight Checklist


The last sections of the Flight History show the Weather information during Take-Off and Landing.


If there was an Incident during the Flight, a connected Incident Report will be recorded in the Flight Incidents section.


Uploading Flight History into SkyFleet

There are three ways to upload Flight History into SkyFleet:

  1. Flight1x Sync - Performing missions with Flight1x automatically performs the checklist and uploads information to SkyFleet in a seamless workflow. 
  2. External application - for unsupported drones, an external application may be installed into the RC to perform the checklists and sync the data into SkyFleet
  3. Direct to SkyFleet - Users can pull flight logs and upload them directly to the web portal.


A data validation check will be performed to see if the logs are valid. Clicking import will submit the logs to SkyFleet therefore displaying them in the main view. 

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