Generating and Exporting Reports in SkyFleet Cloud

How to Generate and Export Reports in the SkyFleet Compliance and Maintenance Dashboard

1. Navigate and click Reports at the left-hand side of the SkyFleet screen. 


2. Select which report will be generated depending on the requirements. SkyFleet currently supports 5 different report types:




For example, the Pilots Summary Report shows important details regarding the pilots within a chosen team. Information such as  Name, Country, Certificates, Certificate Types, and others can be generated.



The Flight completeness report provides details such as the pre-flight and post-flight checklists, Telemetry Inclusion, and Weather report inclusions.

The Flight Compliance Completeness Report allows users to drill down from Site level to individual Missions to provide high-level or granular information on Pilot Compliance.



The Flight Specific Details Report provides comprehensive information about each Flight performed across all Sites. The Report can be customized based on Sites and Dates, allowing users to generate a Report for their given criteria.

Clicking the Mission ID will redirect the user to the Flights page to view all relevant information for a given Mission. 

2024-06-17 17.54.39.gif

The main screen filters the details according to the toggled option in the Columns dropdown button. 

Once the Report criteria have been selected, the user SkyFleet can export as a PDF or CSV to be shared beyond the SkyFleet web application as shown:

2024-06-17 18.10.19.gif



The Asset Details Report mainly contains information regarding the Drone, when and where it was used, and helpful data such as Flight Count and Last Inspection dates. 



The Incident History report contains information about events that lead to equipment damage or unexpected flight occurrences that lead to Drone crashes or other incidents. 

To generate the Incident History report, please see our Incident History article.


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