EdgeServer Release Notes v0.1.0 (October 30, 2023)

Version List

Software Version

  • EdgeServer App v0.1.0
    • Projector v6.2.0
    • Reprojector v2.3.1
    • Surveyor 2.9.0
  • System OS
    • Ubuntu Server OS v22.04.3 LTS

Supported Sensors

Skycatch Vision 1 (35mm) Zenmuse P1 (35mm) P4RTK M3E M210
v11.00.02.09 v04.00.02.05 FC6310R DJIM3E



What's New?

  • EdgeServer Processing
  • Cloud Sync
  • Local Data Access
  • Multi-Client Access
  • EdgeServer Interface v0.1
  • Geospatial viewer (Basic)


EdgeServer Processing

  • Ready for multi-core processing
  • Full utilization of available resources
  • Standard and Highwall Mapping missions


  • It is possible to link EdgeServer projects with a Site on DataHub
  • Syncing will happen automatically, right after processing has been completed
  • Retry mechanism for failed uploads


Local Data Access

  • No need for internet access. EdgeServer works in complete offline environments. 
  • Access through the Local Area Network
    • Benefit from the high transfer speeds by utilizing the local area network bandwidth.
  • Direct download from the EdgeServer to the local file system

Multi-client Access

  • Support for multiple sessions in parallel from different computers or browsers
  • Sessions do not collide with each other. Actions will be reflected in real time but do not interfere with other users' actions.
  • Currently, access is only restricted to the local area network

Geospatial Viewer (basic)

  • Basic built-in geospatial output viewer
  • Capable of displaying:
    • Point Clouds
    • Orthophoto
    • 3D Mesh
  • 3D Navigation



  1. Select a site dropdown that only displays the first 20 sites from a DH ORG
  2. Importing minimized banner remains there after a failure on the importing 
  3. 3D Mesh Viewer not working correctly on Chrome or Safari on Mac
  4. Non-dewarp dataset processing job fails
  5. RTK fix is not consistent between modal and processing job details for non-dewarp datasets 
  6. Not able to import 2 folders when using Browse and Select flow
  7. When Storage is at full capacity, the UI doesn't respond correctly
  8. On Safari, some buttons are not correctly aligned
  9. Scroll down when calculating the PPK fix on the Import Modal
  10. The user is not able to import Rover logs after the first try or import them separately
  11. User is not able to import multiple datasets on the same tab
  12. Intermittency (Flickering) is happening on the dataset getting imported while another job is getting processed
  13. Localization file with an incorrect unit of measure doesn't show an explicit error message
  14. After changing the DH site name, EdgeServer won't be reflected automatically (The page needs to be refreshed)
  15. Importing a dataset while the Quality Report is open, causes intermittency (“Flickering”)
  16. Firefox is not able to drag and drop multiple files
  17. %Fix Truncate is not the same on Import modal and processing job details
  18. Outputs sections divider overlaps with Import floating modal
  19. Custom base map generation fails for 1.5k photos for High/High
  20. The Delete button is enabled and working while syncing is going on

Note: Known limitations have been identified and will be addressed in future versions


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