EdgeServer Release Notes v1.1.0 (March 21, 2024)

Version List

Software Version

  • EdgeServer App v1.1.0
    • Projector v6.3.4
    • Reprojector v2.3.1
    • Surveyor 2.9.0
  • System OS
    • Ubuntu Server OS v22.04.3 LTS

Supported Sensors

Skycatch Vision1 (35mm) Zenmuse P1 (35mm) Zenmuse P1 (24mm)





Zenmuse X7 (35mm)
v11.00.02.09 v07.00.01.10 v07.00.01.10 v09.00.05.05 - FC6540


What’s New?

  • Zenmuse P1 24mm lens support
  • M350 support
  • UX improvements
    • Performance improvements on lists and filters
    • New cancel functions for dataset import & processing
  • Hardening
    • Advanced viewer compass was not rotating properly


Zenmuse P1 24mm lens

M350 support

UX improvements



  1. Some P1 - 24mm lens datasets that don’t have altitude optimization and/or not have good PPK/RTK solution can produce gaps or missing sections on the point cloud produced by EdgeServer 1.1.0
    • Skycatch recommendation is to always perform missions with altitude optimization enabled and RTK/PPK to ensure good accuracy and reconstruction of the outputs

  2. There have been identified cases where PPF Point cloud visualization on Advanced Viewer could be displayed below the ground level
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