Printable Skycatch Control Points (GCPs or CHPs)

Printable Skycatch Control Points: Ground Control Points and Checkpoints)

Skycatch control points will help increase the accuracy and turnaround time of your processed datasets. They have varying designs of encoded IDs that are automatically detected by our processing pipeline.

There are two types of control points: Ground Control Points (GCPs) and Checkpoints (CHPs).  GCPs are used during the data processing to accurately georeference and calibrate your images. CHPs are only used for assessing the accuracy of your processed outputs. They are not taken into account when processing and calibrating your images If you choose to upload your dataset with checkpoints the vertical (vACC) and horizontal (hACC) accuracy of the processed outputs are displayed in DataHub. You can learn more about control points here.


Skycatch Control Points are printable and can be readily used in the field. Downloadable files of the printable control points (tag) are available in PDF, PNG, and PSD file formats. There are two different sizes available: 

  • Designs for the large-sized (46"x46") GCPs can be found here.
    These are recommended when flying higher than 40 meters above ground level (AGL) to make sure that they are detectable. 
  • Designs for the small-sized (24"x24") GCPs can be found here.
    These are recommended when flying 40 meters AGL, and below.
Printing Details
Skycatch uses a printing service to print ground control points on 13oz vinyl with 8 grommets per tag to ensure that they can be securely placed on the ground. Grommets are optional, however, if you choose to have them with grommets, the optimal grommets locations are marked with green dots around the tag.
We recommend using the above specifications to have GCPs printed with a printing service of your choice.
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