FAQ: How many batteries would it take to fly a certain area?

The length of time and number of batteries that it would take to map an area will vary depending on environmental conditions and mission parameters. However, you can use the Skycatch flight app for DJI to get an estimate of the number of routes your mission may require. Each route is the approximate equivalent of how far the drone can fly on one battery.

Please follow the below steps if you are interested in using the flight app to estimate the number of routes for an area you are interested in mapping.

1. Open the flight app, create a new mission, and use the pencil tool to outline the area you wish to map. 

2. Once the area has been selected, tap the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to open up the Settings page. 

3. Select the type of drone you are using and also the resolution/altitude you wish to fly at. 

4. Once you have updated your drone type and resolution, you will see the estimated number of routes your map will require. Each route is equivalent to one battery.

For example, if the area you wish to map requires 6 routes, you can estimate that this mission would require a minimum of 6 batteries to completely map the entire area.

*Please note this is just an estimation and that your actual flight time and required number of batteries may be more or less depending on multiple factors.

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