FAQ: What is the expected GSD based on Relative Height Above Ground using Explore2 Vision1 Camera?

Skycatch Flight App Standard Ground Sampling Distance


The table below shows the GSD per altitude and expected X, Y, and Z accuracy. 

Resolution (GSD) X, Y-accuracy Z-accuracy Altitude
1 Approx. 3 cm Approx. 5 cm 80m
2 Approx. 6 cm Approx.  10 cm 160m
3 Approx. 9 cm Approx. 15 cm 240m
4 Approx. 12 cm Approx. 20 cm 320m
5 Approx. 15 cm Approx. 25 cm 400m 


Key Points:

  • The expected accuracy for the X & Y coordinates is 3x GSD horizontally.
  • The expected accuracy for the Z coordinate is 5x GSD vertically.
  • The rule of thumb for transferring from GSD to Z accuracy is multiplying the GSD value by 5.
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