EVO3x General FAQ

Where can I find the EVO3x Datasheet?
You can download the EVO3x datasheet here

What's the difference between a DJI drone like a Phantom or Inspire and the EVO3x Platform?
The DJI Phantom and Inspire 1 are great for periodic flights of commercial job sites and for inspection missions.  The advantage of EVO3x is that it creates highly accurate survey-grade georeferenced data at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods like laser scanning.  If you have an application where you regularly lay down GCPs, EVO3x is perfect for you as GCPs are no longer required.

What is the difference between the EVO3x and other commercial mapping drones?
In addition to the high accurate survey-grade georeferenced data, the EVO3x has an sealed camera which is protected from dust and debris on commercial job sites.

What comes with the EVO3x kit?
The kit comes with the EVO3x, RTK GPS, two batteries, a remote controller, a Samsung tablet pre-loaded with the Skycatch flight app, self-tightening propellers, a wind meter, accessories and tools, and spare parts.

How many batteries does it come with? How much are extra batteries?
The EVO3x kit comes with 2 batteries. If you are interested in purchasing more batteries, please contact a sales representative at

What kind of camera does it have?
The EVO3x has a 12MP camera fixed for nadir imagery.   Other imaging sensors will be released soon.

What is the maximum anticipated coverage area per flight?
It depends on the flight altitude, but when flying at the highest altitude (120m) you can cover about 60-70 acres per flight.

How long can the EVO3x fly for?
About 20+ minutes depending on operating conditions.

How fast (in meters/second) can the EVO3x fly?
During mapping, the max speed for the EVO3x is 9m/s.

What is the maximum altitude for the EVO3x?
The maximum altitude we have achieved for the EVO3x is 400 ft (121m) above ground level in US. We have tested in the mountains up to 10,000 ft (3048m) above mean sea level.

What max wind speeds can the EVO3x handle? Will flight time be reduced with a highly windy condition?
While EVO3x can fly in wind speeds up to 30mph, It is typically not recommended to fly at speeds over 20 miles per hour. Automatic landings should be avoided at these speeds.

If a mission requires multiple batteries to complete, does the EVO3x automatically complete the remaining portion of the flight once the battery has been changed?
Yes, after the drone has landed and the battery has been replaced, it will fly to the point where it left off and continue the mission.

Will EVO3x be able to capture high resolution imagery on large sites (e.g. >100 acres)?
EVO3x can easily handle more than 100 acres. You can always fly lower to obtain the level of resolution you need and just have more batteries with you. The battery swap and mission resume features makes it painless and easy for you to cover big areas.

What file formats can you export from your platform?
Currently, you can export TIF, LAS, PDF, OBJ, and DXF files.

In what countries is EVO3x available for sale?
Currently EVO3x is only available in the US, Canada, and Japan.  If you have an immediate demand outside these areas, please contact a sales rep at for more information.

How private and secure is my data and my clients' data?
The data in your account is encrypted and password protected.  Customers have individual account logins for security.

Is the RTK GPS dependent on a RTK network? Does it include an RTK base station as part of the package?
The RTK GPS requires a RTK network. Network coverage via TopNet is included for subscribers to our PREMIER and ENTERPRISE processing plans. Other network RTK services can be quickly added for a small one-time fee. For Enterprise customers we offer local RTK (rover) base station support.  Contact a sales rep at for more information.

Can I get high accuracy anywhere?
The EVO3X requires RTK network coverage. We currently support Topnet in the US and Jenoba in Japan. We also support local RTK base stations for Enterprise customers.

Can I use my own RTK base station with EVO3X?
Local RTK base station support is included with our Enterprise data package. Please contact a Skycatch sales representative at for more information.

Is local processing possible?
Our Sky3D software is set up for cloud processing.  We find that this is the best way to deliver an accurate, low cost, scaleable data processing solution for our customers.  If you have an immediate need for a local instance, contact one of our sales representatives at

What is the operational temperature limit for the EVO3x?
The EVO3x is operational between 0C/32F and 50C/122F.

What is the GSD (in centimeters) when flying at 60 meters altitude?
At 60 meters, the EVO3x GSD is 1.9 cm.

Which BIM Software does the EVO3x integrate with?
The Skycatch Cloud processing system exports by default in OBJ and LAS which are compatible with Autodesk, Bentley, Trimble Business Center, CYCLONE, and others.

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