Access and Update Your Skycatch Billing Information

You can access the billing information for your account directly in your Settings if you need to edit or update your plan, add/modify your credit card information, view your payment history, download an invoice, add a coupon, or more.

To access the Billing Summary for your account, click on the user icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select "Settings." Scroll down and click on "Billing" to view and edit your billing details.

For instructions on how to cancel your subscription or plan, visit "Cancel Your Plan or Subscription"

Your billing summary is divided into three sections where you can access, view and edit your billing details. 

1. Activate Your Subscription
2. View and Modify Credit Card Info, Invoices, Subscription, and Billing Details
3. Add a Coupon

Activate Your Subscription 

The current plan you're subscribed to will be displayed in the Billing Summary page. If your account is still in trial, you will also see the number of days remaining in your trial.

If you'd like to activate your plan, verify the type of plan you'd like to sign up for and click on the "Start Subscription" button. Make sure you have entered your credit card details before activating your subscription. For more details on how to update your payment info, see the section below on modifying your credit card info.

If you'd like to change plan you are on before activating, click on "View Plans." This will bring up the plans available for you to subscribe to along with details on what is included in each plan. Find the plan you'd like to switch to and select the button at the bottom of the plan description.

View and Modify Credit Card Info, Invoices, Subscription, and Billing Details

If you select "Add or modify credit card or subscription," a panel in the right side of your screen will display your credit card info, payment history, subscription details, and billing details. 

Payment Method Information - Add your credit card info by clicking on "+ Add" or modify your credit card information

Invoices/Payment History - View and download your past invoices (Click "Download as PDF" link to download an invoice)

Subscription - View the plan type and amount you're currently subscribed to. You can change your plan by clicking the "Edit" button.

Timeline - View other billing details such as frequency of billing (monthly or yearly), sign up date, trial or subscription start and end dates, and your billing terms

Add a Coupon

If you have a coupon code, please select this option and enter your code when prompted in the pop up.


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