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What’s New?

New Features

  • In-App Updates
  • Intercom Integration
  • Voice Alerts
  • Spanish Support
  • KML Vector Overlay Support
  • Switch Take-Off & Landing Points
  • Drone Heading UI Indicator
  • Performance Improvements
    • Large DSM & KML file support
  • Improved User Messaging

In-App Updates

New Update Workflow

  • Receive a message in Flight1x when a new version has been released
    • Release Notes included
  • Download the new version directly to the Remote Control from the Cloud
  • Install the new version without the need for physical installation media
  • Improved updated method allows for the Skycatch team to push continuous updates and improvements to Flight1x


Improved Functionality

Vector Overlay
Import KML files into Flight1x and utilize them as a visualize overlay without creating a mission directly from the KML

Switch Take-Off & Landing Point
Easily swap the take-off & landing points for improved mission safety & efficiency
Drone Heading UI Indicator
Visual indicator to display to the user which direction the drone will be facing
Voice Alerts
Enhanced safety for pilots by providing Voice Alerts via the RC speaker for mission-critical information


Version List

Software Version

  • Flight1x v1.5.0

Recommended Versions



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