How to create a KML File Compatible with Flight1x

KML files prove invaluable for mission preparation, especially when dealing with regions lacking up-to-date satellite imagery. The Flight1x application allows seamless importing of KML files, enabling us to create accurate mission profiles for such areas.


Creating a KML file

1. Download and install Google Earth

  • Download from this link

2.  Zoom into the area of interest

3. Verify the Google Earth Preferences.

For the preferences, make sure that Show Lat/Long is set to Decimal Degrees and Units as System Default. Then hit, Apply and OK.

  • For Windows, go to Tools Menu > Options.
  • For macOS, on the Top Left, Hit GoogleEarth Pro > Preferences.


4. Add a Polygon in Google Earth

  • Click the "Add Polygon" button. At the moment, the Flight1x app exclusively supports KML files generated via the polygon tool in Google Earth.

  • A dialog box will prompt you to provide a name for your polygon. If you want to modify the style and color, you can make those adjustments at this point. Press the "OK" button when you have finished.


5.  Export File from Google Earth

  • Right-click on the polygon illustration on the map or the polygon file in the Places Panel.
  • Choose the "Save Place As" option from the context menu.
  • In the dialog box that appears, select the folder on your computer where you'd like to save the file.
  • From the "Save As Type" dropdown menu, choose the ".kml" file format.



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