Make a Curved Boundary to Your Flight Area in Skycatch Flight App

You can edit your flight area in the flight app to make a curved boundary, such as one that follows a road. As you move the flight zone boundary waypoints farther apart, more waypoints will be displayed in between. You can then drag these waypoints along the desired curved path until it fits your desired flight path!

1. Start out by drawing your flight plan in a new mission.

2. Tap on the flight area and choose "EDIT" to display the flight zone boundary waypoints. Tap and drag the points to fit the curve of your flight area. New points are added as you drag points farther apart new points in order to give you the ability to fine-tune the boundary.

3. You can also pinch to zoom in or out as you're editing the flight area.

4. Once you have your desired flight area, tap anywhere on the map to save your changes.


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