★ New Feature: DIY Unlimited Overlays

We are very excited to announce the newest feature in Skycatch: DIY Unlimited Overlays!

What this feature does for you

Plan overlays are incredibly useful because they allow you to compare exact progress to plan, and to validate that the build matches the design. Our customers have saved thousands of dollars in avoided rework using the Overlay feature. Here’s a great example:

One Skycatch customer used the overlay feature to avoid pouring a 20,000 square foot slab 3 feet off plan. This saved thousands of dollars of rework.

Our customers use Overlays with many different types of projects: construction, civil engineering, mining, land development, surveying, agriculture, and energy/utilities.

Why we built it

In the past, using the Overlays feature was slow because Skycatch engineers had to do manually place your plan files on the map. We didn’t always align them exactly right, leading to a lot of back and forth and lost time.

So we’ve fixed that. We created a tool for you to add overlays yourself, and align them exactly how they should be, with no more back and forth. Add as many overlays as you want, whenever you want. We’re really excited to see what amazing work you accomplish with this feature.

How to get started

Just click the NEW button in the top-left corner of the map panel and select Overlay. For a more detailed walkthrough, check out the how-to guide here.

Head over to your account at Skycatch to get started today!

We’d love to get your feedback on this feature. Please join our community forum to ask questions and hear directly from our engineering team! 

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